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Interested in hosting a pickup site?

Please see if you meet the basic needs, then contact Marnie to discuss options.

The Manager – Marnie Vyff

Starting out as a hobby, the Mountain Lakes Organic Coop has been under Marnie's direction since 2001. It’s grown many fold and has become a stronger interest and part of the direction for her future.

Marnie has spent over twenty-five years working her way up in the graphic design world, culminating in running a design business. Through the years, she has had an environmentally oriented activity or two going at any moment.

January 2012, Marnie completed her Masters in Environmental Management at Montclair State University. Through her studies, Marnie discovered that local, environmentally friendly businesses like the Co-op are a big part of the multifaceted solution to the environmental problems we face today.

In her free time, Marnie manages CommunityGreen, is on The Mountain Lakes Environmental Commission and The Mountain Lakes Shade Tree Commission, and runs the town's Sustainable Jersey Green Team.The town of Mountain Lakes awarded Marnie Citizen of the Year in 2015 for managing the town's 2014 Sustainable Jersey Silver Certification. With a strong desire to make a difference, she has also headed environmental movie events to promote awareness in New Jersey and assisted neighboring communities with their own environmental events.

The Sorters and Hosts

We have a few ladies who host pick-up sites and sort the produce out from the cases to the member's bags. For two to four hours of work they get their produce bag as payment. There is not a big turnover of sorters. It's actually a really nice job. There is something really great about working with all that fresh produce. Marnie started as a sorter and still really enjoys pitching in on produce day.

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