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The members get a weekly newsletter to keep up with what's happening in the Co-op and the organic political world. The newsletter is posted here as a blog.

Articles from the Organic Consumers Association are often reprinted in our newsletter. They are a very active organization, working hard to keep "organic" politically clean. We encourage our members and visitors to go on line and voice their opinion through the links provided. We highly suggest subscribing to The Organic Consumers Assoc. as well.

This is how we do it...

We get bags of produce on an even & odd week system. Members pick up their baskets between 3 and 8 pm on Thursdays. There is no work requirement in this Co-op. Actual quantities of produce will vary according to availability, price and case size. This co-op has been in existance for over 30 years, changing with the times and the needs of the members.

You don’t have to join the Co-op to try it out – Choose the size basket you think you would be most interested in and order a Trial Basket. Try a variety of different types. You may try up to 3 Trial Baskets before Joining the Co-op.

Joining – To Join the Co-op press the green "Join the Co-op" button, choose the type of basket subscription you would like and fill out the following form. A non-refundable Membership Fee of $50 will be charged upon joining. It is a lifetime membership which includes two boatbags to use for your produce. After payment is received, the bags will be made up for you and your next basket will be in one of them. Please see how the bags are used below.

Produce day is on Thursdays – Pick up is between 3 and 8 pm, but we are flexable and pickups on following days can be arranged. We will periodically take a week off. Please check the calendar. If a sudden change will occur in the schedule, I will inform you through email and the Member Newsletter. Produce is usually sorted and ready for pick-up in my garage by 3:00 pm – sometimes even earlier.

Remembering to pick up is your responsibility – Reminders are emailed out to members signed up through the website. If your bag is still here after produce day, you may get a gentle reminder email. But, We will not always be around to remind you. Please mark your calendars. If you forget a basket, it is still your responsibility to pay for it. The co-op is not responsible for baskets or the produce quality, if it's not picked up on produce day.

Canceling – You can holda basket or cancel your subscription online or by notifying us by email by the Wednesday before produce day.
• To Hold a Basket: -Log into your account; Click on the date you would like to put on hold; Click on the "Hold Delivery" button just under your name.
• To Cancel a Subscription: Go to your "dashboard"; In the My Co-Op Subscriptions list choose "View/Modify subscription"; Right under the name of the subscription click on [Modify]; There is a button to cancel the subscription on this page. You will still have your Login with us and can start a new subscription at any time, or we can restart this subscriptionfor you if you ask us to in an email.

Dairy and other organic items – are for sale too from the refrigerators at the Mtn. Lakes pickup site, that you can pay for online or when you pick them up. The dairy and meats come from Pennsylvania and New York. You can also order whole and sometimes half-cases of produce through the co-op.

The 2 boat bags are used to sort and carry home your produce. Each week you bring back the bag from the week before and your produce will be in your other bag. They keep rotating like this. If you forget to bring back your bag, don't worry, the next week your produce will just be in a box instead. It is the member's responsibility to keep the bags clean. Do not contaminate the organic produce by also using the bags to carry conventional goods. If you decide to leave the co-op, you keep your boat bags.

Additional new boat bags are $15 each. Free used bags are available at the discretion of the Manager for outer pickup site members and long-term members who have a need. They are bags left by former members. The old name will be crossed out and the new written in.

Our members are not required to donate time – if you are interested in sorting two to four hours for a free bag of produce, even periodically, please let me know.


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