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Interested in hosting a pickup site?

Please see if you meet the basic needs, then contact Marnie to discuss options.

Stock-up for the winter months!

Local vegetables are ending but you can have your own root cellar

Local fresh produce is so full of vitamins and flavor. Check out our recipes for delicious combinations. There is nothing healthier! Our Farmer is offering a Stock-up basket. If you are a member, order one or a half through your account with us. All others can order one by emailing the manager, Marnie at fruitlady@MountainLakesOrganic.com.

You can join the Co-op any time of year because we have different suppliers according towhen the produce is available. Right now, we are changing over to mostly produce from a little further away, like Florida and California. Try a Trial Basket to see if its right for you.

Stay warm and Enjoy! - Marnie, Co-op Manager

About Us

Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op is a local co-operative for buying organic fruits, vegetables, dairy and some meats at below supermarket prices. Read about the produce and then How it Works. We have weekly and biweekly pickups in Mountain Lakes, Rockaway, Madison, and Denville. Find out more about our pickup sites on their webpages too.

During the growing season, the vegetables are grown in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York States. During the winter and spring we source from as close as possible within the United States, except bananas and periodic tropicals. We always try to purchase the more locally grown produce over that from further away. For example,the citrus comes from Florida before California. For an idea of what may be in the baskets at a given time of year visit our Harvest Seasons and Availability chart.

Our baskets are well rounded with leafy greens, seasonal salad vegetables, cooking vegetables, and a nice variety of seasonal fruits and berries. The quality of the produce is a matter of pride, and our prices are below supermarket prices for comparable items.

Please keep in touch with us through our Newsletter and on our Facebook page. We post recipes, describe the more unusual produce, post Actions we can take to secure a less toxic environment, and we also post the latest Co-op happenings.

Try a Trial Basket before you join and enjoy the fresh organic flavors and the convenience of the Co-op, while knowing your eating habits are working toward a Healthier Earth. When you know it's the right thing for your family Join the Co-op!

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